Most famous surfing spots in Morocco for amazing holidays

€Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.€

Adventure is one thing that can fill the life of a man with endless fun and thrill. It can make a dull man’s life content and a content man’s life exciting! This is the reason why today millions of people plan for adventure holidays to various exhilarating destinations on the planet to add a pinch of excitement in their life. However, while counting the most adventurous and vibrant holiday destinations in the world, the name of Morocco always shines like the brightest star!

With far stretched coastline, pristine soft sands, blissful winds, sparkling waves and clear sky, Morocco lures the heart of thousands of surfers from far and wide and entices them to book flights tickets to this amazing holiday destination. The country offers endless surfing spots which promise a whale of a time to the leisure vacationers! Listed below are the most famous surfing spots in the country that entice millions of travellers to book flights to Morocco.

Anchor Point
Situated just few kilometres from the village of Taghazout, Anchor Point is one of the most popular surfing spots in the region and greets hordes of travellers who book flights to Morocco. The clean and sparkling waves at the Anchor Point range from 3 to 15 feet in length and offer a perfect backdrop for enjoying surfing. From beginners to experts, Anchor Point welcomes all sorts of surfers and bestows them with a great surfing experience to be cherished for a lifetime.

Hash Point
Located in Central Morocco, the Hash Point is a sheltered spot that is renowned not only for surfing but great many other water sports. Swarms of travellers book cheap flights to Morocco to explore the thrilling and exciting waves at the Hash Point. At time of the winters when surfing enjoys the very peaks of its popularity, one can see numerous locals and travellers flocking at this spot to enjoy surfing and spending some time relaxing under the soothing sun. During his time of the year, Hash Point receives offshore winds from the northeast direction, making the waves suitable for a great surfing experience.

Killers Point
Located just 12 km north of Agadir city, Killers Point is one of the most beautiful and renowned spots to enjoy a breathtaking and heart-pumping surfing experience. Killers Point proffers a year-around perfect weather and thus is a huge hit among surfers who book off season to land up with cheap flights to Morocco. Moreover, Killers Point is home to many sea facing lavish and comfortable resorts and hotels where one may enjoy a luxury stay. Budget options are also available for the tourists.

Positioned just 100m north of Anchor Point, Mysteries welcomes all sorts of surfers – from beginners to experts. All year long, this astounding surfing point experiences high tides and thus tempts surfers from far and wide to flaunt their terrific surfing skills. Whether one wants to unwind at the beach or to indulge in some thrilling water activities, the Mysteries has every sort of lure that make travellers include this surfing spot in their travel itinerary.

No matter from which angle and what perspective one observes Essaouira, this beach is a complete heaven of fun! The beach is a prominent surfing destination in the country and bestows enormous excitement to the surfers craving to ride some of the best waves in the world. After enjoying surfing for a couple of hours, travellers may plan a trip to other attractions of the Essaouira Beach like Skala de la Ville and Marquetry Workshops.

How To Enjoy Breathtaking Surfing Experience At Surfers Paradise Resort Accommodation?

There are many people who love to play along the beach side and opt for different kind of water sports. Surfing is one such favorite sport that really pumps up the adrealine inside human body. Hence if you really want to enjoy your holidays by indulging into adventure sports and scenic beauty then consider spending your holidays at Surfers Paradise resort accommodation.
Here is the complete information on how to enjoy those lovely and breathtaking surfing experience at accommodation Surfers paradise.
It Is An Ultimate Paradise For All Age Groups
1. One of the best parts about this place is that apart from surfing there are host of some other amazing activities as well as places can be enjoyed.
2. You can enjoy the pristine white sand beaches and also enjoy the sunbath near the coast with your favorite drink in your hand.
3. There is a theme park nearby which means you can take your family members including kids and make them enjoy those lovely and fabulous rides.
4. Food here is scrumptious and there are many hotels and eating joints nearby that sells sea food.
5. There are arts and handicrafts shops near the beach which means you can buy the local handicrafts an artistic material from their shops. One of the best things about these shops is that the material that is being sold is quite affordable.
How To Book Accommodation At This Place?
6. One of the best ways to book a Surfers Paradise holiday accommodation is to log on to this website called as
7. The best thing about this resort is that it is situated near the beautiful beach and there are many elegant rooms that are available.
8. The website is also quite user friendly and you can gain complete information about the resort from their website.
9. You can also invite a quick quote by filling up the quick quote form available on their website.
10. You can have two bedroom, three bedroom, and penthouse and sub penthouse accommodation. Option to have a secure under cover parking is also made available.
11. Due to their excellent services and great hospitality experience the resort has already won many travel awards and finds its mentioned in many esteemed travel related blogs all across the internet.
12. Comfortable and affordable accommodation surrounded by some of the Gold Coast’s best shopping, dining, entertainment and attractions.
Hence no need to wait as summer holidays are coming, just pack your bags and come to Surfers paradise for that perfect summer holiday.

Lanzarote Surfing Holidays

Lanzarote is the perfect island for surfing and what’s more, beginners can easily get trained while here. The island is popular not just for the waves which are amazing for surfers but also the friendly weather. It has bays which are sheltered thereby offering the perfect ground for surfing beginners to learn the sport. On the northern part of the island, beginners can find surfing schools since this is where conditions are most ideal for surfing.

When leaving for a holiday in Lanzarote and you are interested in surfing, a few exercises and practice can help you in saving your holiday time on reaching the beautiful island. You can for instance learn how to lie down as though you have a surf board as well as practicing to stand and jump with your hands as the balance. This simple exercising will make it easier for beginners to catch up fast with the learning thereby ensuring that they spend most of their holiday in Lanzarote surfing as they would wish to.

Beginners can start by hiring the surfing equipment and luckily Lanzarote has enough surf shops from where the equipment can be hired. They include wetsuits and surf boards and your instructor can help you in getting the most suitable for you. It is important for the surfing beginners to ensure that they do not surf alone. It is important to have companion so that immediate help can be accorded to you once you start facing any kind of difficulties. It is also important to keep off surfing on the days you feel unwell or tired even with the best waves since it can be quite dangerous.

Since beach conditions can change at any given time, it is important to ensure that you know everything about flag system on the beaches. Look out for them as well as any warning signs that could be on the beach to keep accidents at bay. Even though the waters are warm, it is important to wear long sleeved vest so that you can protect your skin from the sun. Beginners are best on long boards since they will have all the space they need for balance. Surfing can be a bit challenging for beginners but it gets easier for those truly willing to learn and have that surfing holiday they have been looking forward to. Lanzarote is the best place for surfing holidays especially for beginners.

Surfing Blogs – Introducing A New Wave Of Surfing Info

Surfing, a water sport for many and a passion for others, is one of the most exciting sports in the world. From world famous surfing spots to latest updates and surfing tips, people who love this sport can find all the relevant info under one roof.

Surfing, one of the most thrilling water sports in the world, has plenty of variations such as stand up paddle surfing, tandem surfing, bodysurfing, tow-in surfing and many other. Various surfing styles make use of different equipment and techniques. Whatever the style is, surfing offers fun and excitement that no other sport does. If you are a surfer, you would know the feeling of riding a board on the crest of a wave.

For a good surfing experience, nice swells are needed which are formed by light to moderate consistent wind. Some of the most incredible spots to surf are Sandspit in California, Minis in Ireland, Soup Bowls in Barbados, Pipeline in Hawaii, Miramar in Buenos Aires, Kirra in Australia, and of course the famous Sebastian Inlet in Florida.

Whether you are influenced by 10 times ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) world champion, Kelly Slater or look up to pros like Tom Curren or Mark Richards, you must have been trying the tricks they have showcased over the years. Wherever you go try these tricks, some of the basic surfing safety tips you should always keep in mind:

* Don’t ever keep your board between the coming waves and yourself.
* Surf at a safe distance from others to keep your boards from colliding.
* Remember to wear a leg leash that’s tied to your surfboard.
* Beginners are advised to have a surfboard safety nose guard or nose cone. This is used for preventing damage to the surfboard nose.
* Those who don’t have much experience should surf never alone. Share your learning to surf experience with a friend.
* Falling off the board is usual, keep the back of your head covered by your hands, during which your elbows should be together and the wrists over your ears.
* While coming up, be sure to face the oncoming waves. It’s also important that you know where your surfboard is at the time as loose boards pushed by strong waves will hit you hard.

Keeping a check on these safety options will enable you to have more fun while surfing and surely make you a better surfer. Adding to that, don’t ever forget to wear a sunscreen. Spending that long a time out in the sun will burn your skin. So, buy a sunscreen with high SPF and make sure it’s waterproof.

For more on surfing, you can check out the surfing blogs that are springing p over the Internet. On a surfing blog, you can find the whole world of surfing including the latest updates, news about the pros, surfing tips, bodyboarding advice and more. Watch the videos of the experts working their magic through the waves. These blogs even tip off on the best places to surf around the globe.

If you are a novice, these blogs will be of great help for you to learn quite a lot about surfing. Whether it’s the surfing techniques or the lingo, you will know what longboarding, shortboarding, crawl strokes, pearling, paddling, corking and others mean.

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